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Here at the Insurance Advisors Agency, our goal is to provide you with fair policies, reliable advice, and a sense of security that will help your family live well and thrive!

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Yarely Diaz

Health Insurance Agent

Email: yarely@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: 956-278-3103


Daniela Landaverde

Customer Service Representative

Direct line: 956-377-1464 ext 1016
Phone: 956-542-3535
(956) 377-1464

Adriana Castillo

Customer Service Representative

Direct line: 956-377-2671 ext 1000

Phone: 956-542-3535

(956) 377-2671


Inez Jimenez

Supervising General Agent

Email: inez@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-1437 or EXT: 1006

I am a native of South Texas. I have a strong background in social services, helping people find the resources to access healthcare. My 17 years of work experience in social services make it possible for me to help people of all ages successfully. I served six years as a patient advocate at various Texas hospitals, two years as a Benefit Adjudicator with the Social Security Administration, five years as an income assistance case worker with Texas Agency, and four years as a licensed Financial Advisor in the 401k / 403(b) market.

What most excites me about my work is the gratification that comes with helping people. That’s a great feeling!

I love gardening, boating, and traveling! My guilty pleasure is binge-watching TV all day when I am mentally stressed. If I am not working, I am completely disconnected from work, friends, and family on South Padre Island.

(956) 425-3535

Melinda Garcia

Health Insurance Agent

Email: melinda@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-1439 or EXT: 1015

(956) 425-3535

Marissa Mendez

Customer Service Representative

Email: marissa@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-1430 or EXT: 1002


(956) 377-1430

Diego Martinez Leal


Email: diego@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-1438 or EXT: 1005

(956) 425-3535

Andres Vazquez-Jimenez

Training & Development Specialist

Email: andres@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-4251 or EXT: 1014

(956) 425-3535

Lizbeth Quintero

Business Office Manager

Email: lizbeth@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-2674 or EXT: 1012

(956) 425-3535

Lucia Zarate

Customer Service / Retention Manager

Email: lucia@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 291-0168 or EXT: 1026

(956) 425-3535

Shantelle Gonzalez

Member Advocate

Email: shantelle@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 291-0228 or EXT: 1013

(956) 291-0228

Rita Munoz

Member Advocate - Harlingen

Email: rita@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: 956-377-1441



Mayra Alaniz

Health Insurance Agent

Email: mayra@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 377-1443 or EXT: 1011

(956) 682-6277

Juan Hector Calderon

ACA Project Coordinator

Email: juanhector@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 304-0572 or EXT: 1035

(956) 682-6277

Julian Jimenez

Sales Commission Analyst

(956) 682-6277

Kazzandra Chapa

Customer Service Representative

Email: kazzandra@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: (956) 391-2305 or EXT: 1022

(956) 682-6277

Careli Sanchez

Customer Service Representative

Email: careli@ia-agency.com

Direct Line: 956-291-0205



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